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Mario Kart game: Mystic Manor

My Responsibilities

In this project, I am UI/UX designer.

Through this module, I have greatly improved my UI making skills and my ability to communicate with team members. I have been experimenting with different game styles of user interfaces. I have referenced a large number of released game UIs in the process of production.

There were a lot of difficulties with Unreal Engine 4, but thankfully they have now been solved by me and the team.We usually use Discord to communicate and I enjoy sharing my progress with the team members as well as checking on theirs, I think it's only by getting to know each other that the game can have better integrity. At the same time, I am happy to help people when they need my help.

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MysticManorLogo 拷貝.jpg
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The image below shows.
So far, I have created buttons, icons, animations and other assets.

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