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To get updates on this module please check out my Blog for a week by week update on my work.

Industry Portfolio Development: Project

The module required us to design and create prototypes of artefacts based on our career plans.
The theme of my module is a horror story game user interface.

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When I was ready to start designing the UI, the first thing I focused on was what my game style was, as I believe that game style and UI design are closely related, and each game has its own suitable UI style, for example, there are many differences between Ipad games and PC game settings interface.

I chose a horror story game as the theme for this UI design. I researched games such as The Shrouded Isle and decided on a basic style and colour scheme for the UI design.

The next step was to prepare for the design of menu and the distribution of the buttons.

Software used: Photoshop.

I believe that pre-production is very important for UI design and it is the pre-production that determines the success of the UI process.   

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When I started working on the user interface, I first tried Photoshop to draw out all the backgrounds for the user interface and the style of the buttons, this step would enhance my grasp of the colour scheme and atmosphere of the game theme.

Once this was done, I imported them into Unreal Engine 4 for the next step.

The images were then animated and the buttons interacted with each other through the Unreal Engine. I spent a lot of time on this, figuring out the blueprint design and how to make the transition between the graphics and animations smoother.

The final screenshots below show the whole project in terms of the kind of user interface, please take a moment to look at them.

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Legacy: TheCastle

Industry Portfolio Development: Text
Industry Portfolio Development: Pro Gallery
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