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Legacy: The Castle 3.UI Module Overview & Flow Charts

A good UI design interface includes many parts, such as the layout of the interface, where we need to make use of button interactions, text, images and other elements in an empty space to make the empty space full.The elements need to be in one style so that they reflect the unity of the game. At the same time we need to design some special elements in the local details that will make the game unique to the player.

This project is an open project, so I have chosen the following sections for my UI design to work on.

* A Studio logo and game logo

* A title splash screen with some form of simple animation

* Main menu

* Controls menu

* Illustrated handbook

* Settings (SFX Volume, Music Volume, Language, Resolution, etc.)

* Unlocked level page

* Pause menu

* Map level menu

* In-game HUD distribution

* Loading animation

Flow Charts:

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