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Legacy: The Castle 1.Introduction & Game Background

Artefact pre-plan

My favourite part of my studies at university was the UI design for the game, so my artefact was to create a UI system for the game.

I started the production by identifying my game project labels to ensure that the subsequent UI design style matched the game genre.

Labels: Story, 2D Art, Horror, Mouse.

Regarding the platform of the game, I chose to play on PC and use the mouse to play.

(Previously, the games I made for the UI were iPad adventure games, so this time I wanted to try making a PC game.)

Next is a summary of my brainstorming:

Game name: Legacy: The Castle

Family members: dad, mum, player, sister, brother, granny, maid, old butler

(Of which mum, dad and brother are dead. The other members are NPCs and they will have some values such as intelligence, strength, life value, etc.)

Background of the game: The protagonist's parents are both killed due to a traffic accident. The younger brother died of poisoning at the age of 5, after eating a poisoned fruit by mistake.

Grandmother is very old and lives on the topmost floor of the castle.

The player and his sister inherit the family's legacy: the castle.

As a child, the player sensed the strangeness of the family castle, so he left home as an adult. Returning to the castle after 10 years, he feels that it is becoming increasingly alien to him and that an atmosphere of terror pervades the castle.

Stage 1: He decides to explore the castle alone

Stage 2: Sister joins him to explore the castle (he meets his youngest brother ghost and learns 30% of the truth)

Stage 3: Deep inside the castle, he meets the monster and learns that the ghost is his grandfather (60% truth)

Stage 4: Learn the secret of the family (100% truth)

Stage 5: In order to protect the family secret, he sends his sister away to face the truth alone and becomes the ghost who guards the castle

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