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Planning for future careers and the vocational skills required

For this blog, my task was to analysis the skills that UI/UX designer need in the job market.

I looked for some UI gaming jobs that are similar to my profession.

I found some of these skills that are a must have as a UI/UX designer.

* Knowledge of the latest ui design trends

* Ability to create attention-grabbing icons

* User-oriented and highly creative

* Proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator

* High level of UI/UX experience and an impressive portfolio of work

* Excellent communication, organizational, coaching, time management and interpersonal skills

There are also some individual job requirements.

(which I think are also very important in helping designers to develop more fully)

* mastery of type and typography

* Knowledge of 3DS Max or Maya

* Previous experience with Unreal Engine 4

* Experience or knowledge of free-to-play games

* Previous experience in a senior role in another games team

* At least 1 full development cycle of a AAA game delivered on console/PC

It is only by understanding the experience and skills required of a UI/UX designer that one can better develop one's professional skills.

Once you know the skills you need, you need to implement them into your own artefact.

* For software that you haven't used before, you can start downloading and learning now, using learning websites and tutorial videos.

* For UI design trends and how to build creative user interfaces, I think it is important to establish a good learning habit by choosing a free time to read magazines or books related to user interfaces. You can also try out recently released games to learn about UI design trends and learn from the strengths of other outstanding teams' user interfaces.

In short, apart from learning, I think the most vital thing is to apply what we have learnt to concrete artefacts.

So, my next task is to create a new game UI, including frontend menus and game HUD. This new game UI will use and implement the skills required of a UI/UX designer as described above.


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