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I am a game design student currently studying at Teesside University in the UK.

My development is in user interface design.

During my time at university I have worked on individual projects and team projects.

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Legacy: The Castle 9.Production HUD

Continuing from last week, this week was all about creating the HUD, the pause screen and the end screen. The following images are...

Legacy: The Castle 6.UI Layouts_3

Continuing from last week, I started designing the HUD, pause menu, difficulty selection menu and end of game page. I wanted to create a...

Legacy: The Castle 5.UI Layouts_2

Continuing from last week. The main work this week is to create the control menu and Illustrated Handbook. In terms of the layout of the...

Legacy: The Castle 4.UI Layouts_1

Start designing the interface based on the flow chart from last week. I intend to create it in two parts. 1. the front user interface...

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